Integrate Calendly with Sharelo to receive bookings without the visitor leave your stories.




Why Calendly + Sharelo?

Calendly is a popular scheduling automation platform that lets businesses and teams schedule meetings easier. It also lets recipients choose the best meeting times and dates accordingly. It has no fancy designs — just a simple calendar where you can set your preferred meeting schedule and wait for that day to come.

Business owners can benefit from using both Calendly and Sharelo in growing their brands. After a presentation, you can include a Calendly link to schedule a meeting with your prospects and do business with them soon.


• Can be useful for different industries to achieve their respective goals (set client meetings and job interviews, get more registration or sign-ups, generate more leads and sales after the presentation, etc.) 

Generating Leads

  • Add presentation slides and receive bookings by embedding Pitch and Scheduling calendars like Calendly and Hubspot Meeting Scheduler. 
  • Tell about events to the visitors with Pitch content, then ask visitors to register to the events with Pitch or other form embeds.
  • How to integrate Calendly with Sharelo

    1Add an embed content page

    2Copy embed link

    3Paste the link inside Sharelo's content editor

    4Voila, your Calendly embed is ready