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Upload Loom videos to your business presentations using Sharelo to engage your audience and achieve your business goals!




Why Loom + Sharelo?

Loom is a video messaging tool that lets you share videos instantly for your business presentations. Like Sharelo, Loom also uses your camera and microphone while doing your tasks in front of the screen. Once done, you can share the video instantly after recording it.   The only downside of it is that it only records up to 5-minute videos for the free version. To increase the recording limit, you have to refer a friend to open a Loom account. 

Did you know that you can add Loom videos to Sharelo in creating engaging content that will generate leads, achieve business goals, and more? Learn the simple steps here!   With Sharelo, you can add Loom videos to your presentations to get your message across. You can upload a Loom video on Sharelo, then add call-to-actions at the end – all of these you can do in one page. 

Generate leads 

• Create and provide support for an existing story, and add forms to receive replies from participants. 

  Receive feedback 

• Receive feedback right after viewing the video • Add survey forms to your customer support story to receive feedback without making the visitors leave the channel/page

How to integrate Loom with Sharelo

1Add an embed content page

2Copy Loom link

3Paste the Loom link inside Sharelo's content editor

4Voila, your Loom embed is ready!