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Integrate Navattic with Sharelo to show how your brand works without the need to leave your stories.


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Why Navattic + Sharelo?

With Navattic, you can instantly create and share interactive product demos that help get leads and gain new customers. Create interactive product demos, even without coding skills. Add image, texts, and other elements to create a compelling demo video, and you can start sharing them!

Make your presentations more compelling and engaging when you integrate Navattic with Sharelo! Embed videos from Navattic to your Sharelo videos to create convincing content that can help you gain new customers, close sales, and achieve your business goals.

Add content value 

• Add video files from your computer and access them without going to a separate website • Makes your video content more attractive and interactive enough to selling

Generate leads 

• Create and provide support for an existing video or content, and make videos more attractive, engaging, and useful.  • Can be useful for different industries to achieve their respective goals (get more registration or sign-ups, generate more leads and sales, etc.)

How to integrate Navattic with Sharelo

1Add an embed content page

2Copy embed link

3Paste the link inside Sharelo's content editor

4Voila, your Navattic embed is ready!