Tally Forms

Tally Forms

Integrate Tally Forms with Sharelo to receive replies from customers




Why Tally + Sharelo?

Tally is a form creation software getting popular with its intuitive editor and generous free-tier. Combine Tally-based forms with your stories to get more leads and feedback. 

Generating Leads

  • Create a story for events, and add forms to receive replies from attendants. 
  • Create a waitlist form for your new products, and receive waitlist signups directly with the story introducing the products. 

Receiving Feedback

  • Send a story about the seminar video with forms to receive feedback right after viewing the video. 
  • Add survey forms to your customer support story to receive feedback without making the visitors leave. 

How to integrate Tally Forms with Sharelo

1Add an embed content page

2Copy share link

3Paste the copied link inside Sharelo's content editor

4Voila, your Typeform embed is ready