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Upload Vidyard videos to your presentations using Sharelo to engage your audience and achieve your business goals!




Why Vidyard + Sharelo?

Vidyard is a useful video platform specially made for marketing and sales tool for business owners, small and large alike. It offers both Chrome and mobile versions so that you can create marketing video materials anytime and anywhere.

Create and share videos and monitor analytics and statistics afterward. You can also share links through Vidyard, and its ease of integration and straightforward exporting process makes it one of the best video marketing tools out there.

Generate leads 

• Create and provide support for an existing video or content, and make videos more attractive, engaging, and useful.  • Can be useful for different industries to achieve their respective goals (get more registration or sign-ups, generate more leads and sales, etc.) 

  Receive feedback 

• Receive feedback right after viewing the video by adding forms or comment • Add survey forms to your customer support story to receive feedback without making the visitors leave the channel/page

  Add content value 

• Add video files from your computer, and even a music track that is free to use  • Makes your video content more attractive enough to selling

How to integrate Vidyard with Sharelo

1Add an embed content page

2Copy Vidyard link

3Paste the Vidyard link inside Sharelo's content editor

4Voila, your Vidyard embed is ready!