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Upload YouTube videos to your presentations using Sharelo to engage your audience and achieve your business goals!




Why YouTube + Sharelo?

YouTube is the most popular free video-sharing platform in the world. It’s impossible for anyone not to have watched at least one YouTube video With billions of videos to watch and share, it has also been a helpful tool for brands to share their message and expand their audience reach. You can use tons of YouTube videos and include them in your business presentations.

Sharelo offers the same purpose — to turn boring marketing and sales videos into eye-catching videos that keep the audience engaged. Simply embed any YouTube video, link it on Sharelo, make the necessary tweaks, and share your video with your friends and your prospects!

Add content value 

• Add video files from your computer and access them without going to a separate website • Makes your video content more attractive and interactive enough to selling

Receive feedback 

• Receive feedback right after viewing the video by adding forms or comment • Add survey forms to your customer support story to receive feedback without making the visitors leave the channel/page

How to integrate YouTube with Sharelo

1Add an embed content page

2Copy YouTube link

3Paste the YouTube link inside Sharelo's content editor

4Voila, your YouTube embed is ready!