What Are Interactive Video Services?

by Glen Fulgencio
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Interactive videos offer a dynamic, personalized experience that keeps viewers engaged and invested in content.

Whether you're a business looking to improve customer engagement, a content creator, or someone looking to add interactivity to your videos, interactive video services are the solution to the challenge of capturing and retaining viewers' attention in today's digital age. Get ready to explore the world of interactive videos.

What is Interactive Video?

Interactive video is exactly what it sounds like: a video with which you can interact. Here are different types of interactive videos:

  • 360-degree view – It lets viewers immerse themselves in the video and experience augmented reality.
  • Polls and quizzes – You can ask your audience questions about your video's content.
  • Branched stories - These allow viewers to take their own path through a video and decide what to watch.
  • Hotspots – These are parts inside a video that can be clicked on to provide further information.

Interactive video only works if the user interacts with it, making them active participants in the media they watch instead of just passive observers. This makes interactive videos different from "normal" videos because of their nonlinear nature.

What Are Interactive Video Services?

An interactive video service is a software application that enables you to build interactive elements within your video for your audience to click, input, shop, or perform other actions.

Source: https://www.shareloapp.com/

It adds a gaming element to your otherwise passive video, which usually only lets people stop, pause, and play the content.

When you want to watch a linear video, you just press the play button. With an interactive video, you can give the viewer different ways to move through the video or add links to other web pages they can click on.

If you want your customer to experience more ways to watch a video than just pressing play or pause, there are a lot of platforms offering this feature, and one is Sharelo which offers cutting-edge interactive video services features you can try.

Today, technological advancement has made it possible for everyone to access interactive video services and provide highly compelling content. A fresh idea and the right technology supplier are all that is required.

Why Choose Interactive Video Services?

  • Better data collection - With different interactive video tools, you can track exactly how and when people interact with your video elements rather than simply seeing watch time.
  • Higher conversion rates - Interactive videos convert significantly more than other digital ads. Particularly, Google display ads, banner ads, and Youtube Annotations convert at rates of less than 1%. These are no match for interactive video, which has a conversion rate of more than 11%.
  • More engaging - Linear videos are easy just to sit back and watch because they are made that way. On the other hand, interactive videos let people do something while they watch. When people have to do something with a video, they are less likely to get bored.
  • More memorable - Interactive videos have a bit of a "fun factor" going for them. Even if a person doesn't like the interactive video, they will likely remember it because it is different.
Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts on What Are Interactive Video Services

This means that interactive video is an obvious choice for brands that want to make engaging content because of its unique format, ability to connect with audiences like no other, and powerful ability to gather deep insights and valuable data on how users behave.

As more brands realize what interactive video services are and adopt them, we'll start to see increasingly creative interactive videos being produced.

How will you or your business unlock the power of interactive video services? Get in touch with the Sharelo team today and book your free, customized demo.

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