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Create engaging stories with videos, slides, forms, etc. Share with a single link and turn more leads into customers.

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Create Multi-Page Story

Make your content more engaging with videos. Combine your docs, slides, or forms with videos and turn more leads into customers.

Explain with static documents

Create pages with embedded docs and slides, or upload PDF files from your computer.

Make it more engaging with videos

Create pages with video embeds or upload videos from your computer.

Get appointments and feedbacks

Create pages with forms and scheduling tools to get more meetings and leads.

Share easily

Share your story through websites, blog articles, emails, and more. Gain more leads with engaging stories.

Share with emails

Sending plain text emails works but is not compelling enough. Instead, share video-centered stories to engage with your leads.

Embed to your site (Coming soon)

Embed stories to your website, getting more appointments and leads through your schedulers and forms.


Embed contents from your favorite apps

You can quickly build stories by embedding content spreads in different apps.





Google Docs-loog

Google Docs

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Google Sheets

Google Slides-loog

Google Slides

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Google Forms







Tally Forms-loog

Tally Forms

Notion(Coming Soon)-loog

Notion(Coming Soon)

and more-loog

and more

Use Cases

Sharelo's no-code story editor is powerful enough to empower your customer-facing teams through whole customer journeys.


  • Send video messages with proposal slides and meeting scheduler.

  • Share documents with explanation videos

  • Qualify leads and prioritizes deals with analytics data. (Coming soon)


  • Share customer stories with docs and videos.

  • Share product demo videos with MTG scheduler.

  • Share event descriptions with registration forms.

Customer Success

  • Onboarding customers with video tutorials.

  • Introduce new features and product updates.

  • Get customer feedback through forms.


Boost your sales with stories

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