Interactive Video Platform

Drive Conversions withimmersive interactive videos

Transform customer communication: Personal, dynamic, and tailored for each viewer.

Turn videos into conversion engines

Craft interactive videos that engage, persuade, and convert. From product demos to campaigns, amplify every message with Sharelo.


Craft engaging interactive videos in minutes

With Sharelo's simple story editor, create branching videos that guide your audience through a personalized journey. Add CTAs and convert more viewers into customers.


Use video every point of your customer journey

Once you create a story, you can embed it to your websites with a simple code snippet. Adding to that we generate gif previews which makes your email campaigns more attractive. Use video everywher and grow your business.


Unlock Deep Viewer Insights with Branching Videos

Interactive videos are more than engaging – they’re revealing. Track individual viewer interactions with timeline-based response tracking and understand wider audience behavior with holistic analytics. As viewers choose their journey, gather the insights that inform your next move.



Sharelo offers a range of features to help you create interactive videos that engage and convert your audience.

Record and manage videos without leaving Sharelo.
Video Branching
Adding choices to your videos to create branching videos.
Embed Scheduling Calendar
Embed scheduling calendar and receive bookings without redirecting viewers to external links.
Collect Responses
Collect text and video responses from video viewers.
Get notified when someone interacts with your videos.
Lead Capture
Capture your leads directly from your videos.

Use Cases

Sharelo is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to engage and convert your audience.


Inline Embed

Embed interactive videos directly into your website to engage visitors and drive conversions.



Add popup video to the bottom corner of your website to grab visitors' attention and drive engagement.


Email and Newsletter

We automatically generate video links with gif previews which you can embed to your email platform easily.


QR Code

We automatically generate QR codes for each video which you can use in your print materials.



Share your videos on social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

Boost growth withinteractive videos