What Are The Types Of Interactive Videos?

by Christine Casao
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Interactive videos are a must-have for businesses looking to increase engagement and conversion. These videos allow viewers to actively engage and interact with the content, resulting in a more immersive and personalized experience.

In today's digital age, interactive videos have become essential for capturing the audience's attention. With over 80% of internet traffic expected to be video content by 2021, understanding the different types of interactive videos and how to use them is crucial for any business or individual looking to stand out online.

In this article, we will explore the different types of interactive videos and how they can be used to enhance your marketing efforts.

What Are The Types Of Interactive Videos?

Here are the various types of interactive videos and how you can use them to market products and services.

Branching Videos

Source: WyzOwl 2022

Branching videos take interactive viewing to a whole new level! Viewers are presented with multiple choices or paths, giving them an opportunity to personalize their own video experience and explore different storylines. With the power of choice in their hands, they can actively participate and be part of shaping the narrative's outcome – making branching videos engaging like never before!

Quiz Videos

Source: E-Learning Heroes 2016

Quiz videos are an exciting way for viewers to get more personally engaged with the content! Not only do they provide a fun, interactive experience as you watch - but if used as assessment tools, they can help evaluate how well users have understood the material. This personalized approach keeps people's attention during longer videos and ensures that key points stick in their minds long after the viewing has finished.

Interactive Story Videos

Source: E-Learning Heroes 2016

Interactive story videos immerse viewers in a captivating narrative and actively shape the story's outcome. With multiple characters, storylines, and paths to explore – it's like having your own interactive movie experience! Perfect for those who want more than passive viewing - these engaging experiences allow audiences to be part of something special; make choices that can truly influence how the journey ends.

360-Degree Videos

Source: Video Studio

A 360-degree video is an interactive video that gives viewers a full, panoramic view of any scene. This type of video is created using specialized cameras and software that can take footage at various angles to stitch together a single, immersive experience. With these videos, viewers can look around the entire space and feel they are in the scene. This technology has been used in various applications, from marketing campaigns to documentary filmmaking. For example, The New York Times famously produced 360-degree videos during the 2016 US Presidential Elections. With these videos, users could explore various campaign events and gain an intimate understanding of the political climate.

Virtual Reality Videos

Source: 360 Virtual Tours Canada 

VR videos transport viewers into a world of their choosing, allowing them to look around and interact with the environment as if they were there. From training simulations for pilots to virtual tours of places far away, VR video technology has opened up an exciting realm of possibilities by offering people interactive experiences that truly draw in the viewer. With its potential applications ranging from entertainment to education, it's easy to see why this cutting-edge technology is so captivating!

Augmented Reality Videos

Source: Batbold 2019, Medium

Augmented reality videos offer a unique and captivating experience, blending the everyday physical world with special computer-generated elements. Through Sharelo's platform, users can create content that includes images and text animations – all of which come to life when viewed through devices such as smartphones or tablets - or even specialized AR glasses! It's an interactive journey in which viewers are immersed in the user-created environment, making it incredibly engaging. So why not give your audience something truly extraordinary? With AR videos on Sharelo, you can do just that!

What Are The Types Of Interactive Videos: Conclusion

Many different types of interactive videos can be used to get people interested and hold their attention. It has become an engaging tool to capture and maintain people's attention. From presenting different perspectives of the same video, polls, quizzes, and more - a world of options is available for users to explore!

With Sharelo's unique features to create personalized links that share your interactive content across platforms, it is undoubtedly one of the best tools out there for creating enthralling experiences with such interactivity.

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