Maximizing Your Marketing ROI with Interactive Video Ads: Strategies and Benefits

by Wian LJ
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Video advertising quickly captures attention. But keeping your viewer connected for less than a minute is challenging. You need to make it creative and interactive.

If you are wondering what interactive video ads are, they promote a personalized approach wherein clients are more involved by providing a two-way communication strategy.

Interactive video ads are a type of advertising that allows users to participate in the ad in some way, such as by clicking on links or buttons, filling out forms, or taking other actions.

What Are The Uses Of Interactive Video Ads

Any business can incorporate interactive video ads into their marketing as long as they get creative. These ads can be used for brand awareness to promote products or services, drive website traffic, or gather information about potential customers. Interactive video ads can be delivered through various channels, such as social media, streaming platforms, or websites. They generally provide a higher engagement rate than traditional video ads.

How to Maximize Client Engagement Through Video Ads

A whopping 92% of marketing experts say that they have used videos to increase visibility. 81% of them feel that video ads have a positive influence on sales. And it is projected that video ads will skyrocket this year and the next.

However, the challenge here is how to keep your audience connected. Interactive video ads can maximize engagement by providing a personalized and immersive experience for the user. This can be achieved through the use of different marketing elements such as videos, calendars, forms, quizzes, polls, and games.

These types of ads can also be tailored to the user's interests, location, and browsing history to increase relevance and engagement.

Additionally, interactive videos facilitate social sharing, increasing the ad's reach and visibility.

Here are some things interactive video ads can do:

  1. Give Choices - Allowing the viewer to make choices that affect the outcome of the ad, making them feel more invested in the experience.
  2. Provide Immediate Feedback - Providing immediate feedback based on the viewer's actions increases engagement and encourages them to continue interacting with the ad.
  3. Create A Sense Of Discovery - Incorporating fun facts, new information, or features, increases engagement and makes the experience more interesting.
  4. Foster Social Sharing - The social sharing component added in the video encourages the viewer to share the ad with others, increasing engagement and reach.
  5. Provide Immersive Experience - Newer or modern technologies like virtual reality or 360-degree video provide a fully immersive experience that captures the viewer's attention and holds it for longer periods of time.
  6. Personalization - Videos that capture the viewer's interests, preferences, and behavior, making the ad more relatable and appealing to them, increasing engagement.
  7. Gamification - Game-like elements like points, rewards, and competitions to encourage the viewer to interact with the ad, increasing engagement and making the experience more fun and engaging.

Interactive Video Ads As the Best Strategy

Interactive marketing has immensely evolved from traditional person-to-person engagement to online interactions.  Videos are one of the effective tools in Ad placements as they quickly present what you are selling. However, marketers find interactive videos connect to the audience better and, in return, drive more sales.

Here are some positive effects of using interactive video ads:

Increased Engagement

Interactive ads are more likely to capture the viewer's attention and hold it longer than traditional ads, leading to increased engagement and better results.

Greater ROI

A more effective approach in driving conversions and sales, leading to a greater return on investment.

Better Audience Targeting

Interactive ads allow you to smoothly gather information about the viewer, such as their interests and behavior, by means of giving choices, which can be used to better target future advertising efforts

Increased Brand Awareness

Interactive communication allows you to create a more memorable and impactful brand experience, leading to improved brand awareness and loyalty.

Better Analytics

More data are gathered, which can be used to measure performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and optimize future campaigns. Data gathering is more reliable with interactive video ads and gives more insights into client preferences.


The instant connection with the viewer allows for more personalized content, making the ad more relatable and appealing. Personalized email and video messages add more value and make it easier to recommend products and services.

Amplified Storytelling

Interactive video ads allow you to tell a story more dynamically, as the viewer can actively engage with the content, making the ad more memorable and impactful.

Facebook and Instagram have so far mastered the art of interactive video ads through storytelling. Viewers were able to give their personal details without apprehension, engage in online polls, games, and quizzes, and even shop directly from these platforms.

There are various interactive video ads services advancing these days. If you are looking into amplifying your content, Sharelo is one of the emerging tools that lets advertisers create more personalized videos by incorporating different marketing elements such as videos, calendars, forms, presentations, software, and more.

What Are Interactive Video Ads - A Summary

There are various video sources that you can utilize to make your brand, product, or service known. With the right tools and audience, you can convert them into revenue.

However, finding the best advertising approach to reach your audience excitingly is challenging. This is what interactive video ads are for; you can create entertaining content that allows you to connect to your clients on a more in-depth level.

Videos that tell a story, connect with the audience, and drive actions are here.

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