What Are Interactive Videos On Facebook

by Khim Anne Gabuco
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Welcome to the world of interactive videos on Facebook! This exciting new video content format is taking the world by storm and transforming how businesses and brands engage with their audiences. We will dive into interactive videos, how they work on Facebook, and the many benefits they bring to the table. So, buckle up and get ready to learn about this game-changing tool in digital marketing.

What are Interactive Videos On Facebook?

Interactive videos on Facebook are videos that utilize real-time interactive elements such as:

  • Quizzes
  • Clickable links
  • Polls
  • Gamification

This elevates viewer engagement, resulting in a dynamic and personalized viewing experience.

These videos, designed to boost audience involvement, serve various purposes, including product promotion, market research, or imparting educational content.

There are many interactive video tools on the market now, and all offer the same features and benefits.

Advantages of Interactive Videos on Facebook

Interactive videos on Facebook offer many benefits, including:

Increased Engagement

Interactive features like quizzes, polls, and calls-to-action engage viewers and encourage participation.

Improved User Experience

Interactive videos, such as Sharelo, offer customization and personalization, resulting in a unique and memorable experience for the viewer.

Better Data Insights

Interactive videos provide valuable data on the behavior and preferences of your audience, allowing for data-driven decision-making.

Stronger Connection with the Audience

Interactive videos build a stronger connection with the audience, helping to establish a relationship based on engagement and relevance.

Types of Interactive Videos On Facebook

Interactive videos on Facebook come in various forms, including:


Encourage audience participation and gather data by asking questions and providing multiple-choice answers.


Collect opinions and preferences from the audience by presenting a question and a range of options.


Direct the audience to take specific actions, such as visiting a website or purchasing.


Provide the audience with different paths or outcomes within the video.


Incorporate interactive elements that challenge the audience, such as puzzles or challenges.

Immersive Experiences

Create a fully immersive experience by allowing the audience to control the flow and pacing of the video.

Best Practices for Creating Interactive Videos on Facebook

It's important to follow best practices for creating engaging and effective content to maximize the impact of your interactive videos on Facebook. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Keep it Simple

Interactive videos should be easy to understand and follow. Avoid complex or confusing interactions, and opt for simple, straightforward quizzes, polls, or calls to action.

Make it Relevant

Interactive videos should be relevant to your audience and provide value to them. This could be educational content, entertainment, or an opportunity to express their opinions or preferences.

Focus on the Story

Interactive videos should have a clear story or narrative that ties all the interactions together. This will help to keep the viewer engaged and focused on the video rather than just the individual exchanges.

Be Clear with Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-action should be clear, concise, and directly related to the interactive video. Avoid overwhelming the viewer with too many calls-to-action, and opt for one strong, clear call-to-action instead.

Test and Refine

Before launching your interactive video, test it with a small group of people to gather feedback and make any necessary revisions. This will help to ensure that your video is effective and engaging and will help to avoid any potential technical issues.

Wrapping Up: What are Interactive Videos on Facebook

Through the article, we learned what are interactive videos on Facebook, and we found out that they are a powerful tool for businesses and brands looking to connect with their audience. With features like quizzes, polls, and calls to action, interactive videos encourage active participation and engagement, leading to higher levels of interaction and a stronger connection with the audience.

Whether you're looking to gather valuable data insights or create a memorable experience for your viewers, interactive videos offer a range of benefits that set them apart from traditional videos.

By following best practices and utilizing the different types of interactive videos available on Facebook, you can create effective and engaging content that resonates with your audience and helps to achieve your marketing goals.

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