5 Best Practices For Improved Virtual Sales Calls

by Era Hufana Caltino
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Modern technology is revolutionizing the way we interact and do business with one another. Virtual sales calls provide invaluable opportunities to connect with prospects and convert leads, but they come with their own set of challenges that require specialized strategies and tactics to overcome. We’ll explore 5 best practices for improved virtual selling.

From learning how to leverage tech tools and video conferencing efficiently to knowing when and how to follow up, these tips will help you prepare, execute, and complete successful virtual sales call regardless of experience level. We will also include best practices in making video tutorials and interactive examples for you to try on. Whether you’re a master of the sales game or a beginner in the field, you can navigate virtual sales sessions confidently and close deals quickly.

What Makes a Virtual Sales Call Effective?

Enhancing Virtual Sales Skills with Video Tutorials and Interactive Examples

Are you wondering if virtual sales calls can be as effective as in-person meetings?

The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, virtual selling offer many advantages you won't find in face-to-face meetings. Here's how to make the most of your virtual sales experience and ensure a successful outcome:

First, invest in technology to help create an engaging virtual environment. Video tutorials and interactive examples can help keep your customers engaged and interested.
Second, use conversational language and active listening when speaking with customers. Ask open-ended questions and actively listen to their responses to better understand their needs.
Finally, take advantage of video tools for customer success, like Zoom or Sharelo, for virtual sales. This allows you to show off your product or service excitingly.

By utilizing these strategies, you can create an impactful and successful virtual sales call that rivals the effectiveness of in-person meetings.

Talking to each other during a virtual meeting.
Talking to each other during a virtual meeting.

5 Best Practices for Improved Virtual Sales Calls

Enhance your virtual sales skills and close deals with confidence.

To help you succeed in selling virtually, we've compiled a list of best practices to improve your virtual sales game. Implementing these strategies can enhance virtual sales skills, build stronger client relationships, and close deals confidently. Here are 5 best practices to help you improve your virtual sales game:

Understand the customer’s needs before the call

Before you make that sales call, take a few moments to understand your customer's needs. Knowing what they want will help you craft a compelling and persuasive pitch. Start by asking questions about the customer's goals and desired outcomes. Listen carefully to their answers so that you can tailor your solution accordingly.

Explain why your product or service best fits them – but don't forget to personalize it! This way, the customer will feel that their needs are being met. The more you know about the customer’s situation, the easier it will be to provide a solution that works for everyone.

Learning to understand the customer's needs before making a call.
Learning to understand the customer's needs before making a call.

Use video conferencing to create a more personal connection.  

Making sales calls virtually can be challenging - especially if you don't have the right video conferencing platform. Fortunately, many reliable and user-friendly platforms offer everything from high-quality video and audio to interactive features like screen sharing and chat.

But here's the thing: relying solely on technology won't give your clients the personal connection they need and deserve. To create a more personalized experience with your clients, focus on 3 simple things:

  • Speak in an engaging tone to keep your audience captivated and engaged.
  • Ask relevant questions about their needs, challenges, and goals to better understand how you can help.
  • Use humor or positive stories to create a lighthearted atmosphere and foster a sense of trust.
Sending a personal messages to connect with clients.
Sending a personal messages to connect with clients.

Speak clearly and confidently.

Having the confidence to speak clearly and confidently can be a challenge, but it's essential for success in any sales role. Here are some simple tips to help make sure you come off looking professional and polished:

  • First, practice your pitch beforehand – that way, you won't get caught off guard by difficult questions.
  • Second, take a few deep breaths before speaking – this will help you relax and give your voice more energy.
  • Third, smile and maintain eye contact with the camera, making you look friendly and approachable.
  • And fourth, use a clear and confident tone of voice – it shows you know what you're talking about and believe in yourself.
Come up strong and confident by speaking clearly.
Come up strong and confident by speaking clearly.

Encourage collaboration during the call.

In any successful project, collaboration is essential! So make sure to keep that in mind during a sales call. Here are some tips to get the most out of online meetings:

  • First, create an agenda and stick to it. This will help ensure everyone stays on track and is prepared for the meeting.
  • Second, encourage active participation from everyone involved. Ask questions, solicit ideas and feedback, and allow plenty of discussions.
  • Third, ensure all participants know how to use video conferencing features such as screen sharing, file sharing, and recording capabilities.
  • Fourth, take notes throughout the call so you can review information afterward. This will help everyone remember what was discussed and help keep future conversations organized.
Collaboration between participants in a call.
Collaboration between participants in a call.

End the call with clear next steps.

The most important part, often forgotten after a virtual sales call, is the NEXT STEPS. Why? Because having a clear plan of action makes it easier for you and the customer to move forward in the process. It also helps to ensure that each party is on the same page and keeps the possibility of moving forward open.

So don't forget to outline the next steps for yourself and your customer when you end your virtual sales call. This could include setting up a follow-up call or sending over additional information. Doing so will keep the conversation going and give you something to look forward to!

Sending checklist or to-do list and emails for follow-up after a call.
Sending checklist or to-do list and emails for follow-up after a call.

Final Thoughts

As the demand for virtual sales calls escalates, businesses should take advantage of the best practices to achieve extraordinary customer engagement and sales results. Setting up meetings with thorough preparation, creating an absorbing atmosphere, leveraging the readily available technology and resources, understanding client needs, and facilitating meaningful dialogues can undoubtedly bolster their success in virtual sales calls and consequently foster stronger connections with customers. Taking advantage of these top strategies for selling virtually is essential to accelerate your sales success.

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