A Comprehensive Guide to Virtual Selling Using Sharelo

by Harlan Dave Tantog
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Video calls to hold sales meetings, and sending video messages to potential customers are becoming a norm. In fact, in recent years, sales conversations are likely done online rather than in person, thanks to this technology.

The reason? Simple. Video calls save everyone from the hassle of a commute. Why travel if you can talk business from the comforts of your home? As a result, 47% of those that use video conferencing saw a significant cut in travel expenses.

As video content takes the internet by storm, it's important to create an online strategy that maximizes this type of media. So, today, we'll look into what videos can do to help you improve your virtual selling game.

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Sharelo's Guide to Virtual Selling

Just like anything else, opting to sell virtually requires more than just willingness. Although it comes with convenient perks, a different set of challenges also exist in this type of communication setup.

Let's take a look at the most common items and find out how to go about it with Sharelo.

1. Engage with prospects

Engaging with a prospect is a huge factor in the outcome of any sales pitch. With the limitations of video conferencing, it's important to be virtually creative in breaking this barrier.

Creating interactive videos that make customers feel that they're talking to you is easier. With the millions of content on the web, people look for resources that feel "human". It's no longer enough to answer questions on the web. People look for answers that resonate with them. Sharelo's ability to add customization in your videos helps you bring that "human touch". Thus, an excellent workaround to addressing this virtual gap.

Remember, connection to customers is an important piece to any successful online business. Build and fortify business relationships through the effective use of video tools - both within your team and toward customers.

2. Narrate presentations

Of course, when presenting a pitch you'll need visual aids. Upload slide presentations and complement them with video narrations - just like you do during face-to-face meetings.

The growth of video streaming in recent years is proof that videos get views. Thinking of that growth, it's obvious that internet users access video content for different reasons - entertainment, and education. Speaking of education, videos have become useful when it comes to self-directed learning. In fact, more than 7 out of 10 internet users often refer to YouTube videos to fix a problem - be it with work, home maintenance, school, or whatever needs fixing.

Make video stories through interactive videos using Sharelo. Show the value of your products or services with the help of pre-recorded video presentations.

3. Integrate content from apps

Integrated content from apps, like Calendly and Typeform, helps with the user experience. Customers no longer need to access different websites to book an appointment, fill out a form, or follow you. They can already do this using one URL!

Sharelo is designed to be compatible with your favorite apps. You only need to create a storyboard that addresses what customers would likely ask. Then, all they need to do is tap the action they'd prefer to do; subscribe to your pages, schedule an appointment, access additional resources, or do anything that requires an action.

Sharelo boasts a convenient way of sharing different content. You no longer need to ask customers to visit a certain page to fill out a form and go to another to book an appointment.

Simply create a video story, copy its link, and share it. The video stories provide easy access to other web pages with a single tap within the same link!

5. Stay true to what your brand represents

As business owners, the goal is to make a sale and increase revenue. However, there are a lot of businesses that get lost in the "sales targets". They branch out from the purpose of their products and services - to help resolve customer issues.

Regardless of where you're at in your business journey, stay true to what your brand represents. It's in aligning with your brand's purpose that you forge lasting business relationships.

Benefits of Selling Virtually

While there are gaps that we can't deny, virtual sales offer more pros than cons. Here are a few of the many benefits that come with it.

Meet people from all over the world

It's possible to meet more people from all over the world. This method doesn't need you and your customers to be in the same place. This in turn lets you easily expand your business because there are no more geographical limitations.

Developing trust

Developing and maintaining credibility is the most important requirement for a business to succeed. At this age, people are likely to trust you when they see you. When you can't always be physically there, how do you show up? Virtually - using a video!

Reduce costs

Save money on travel expenses by doing it online. This option gives you more time to interact with and reach more customers.

Increase productivity

Time is gold they say.

In sales, it surely is. Time is a luxury you don't want to waste. Aside from reducing the cost of travel, digital selling allows your team to reach more customers. Think about using the travel time to talk to your customers?

Using the time to explain the value proposition of your product or services instead of traveling. Aside from saving your team the hassle, it saves time while increasing team productivity.

Start the Future Today!

Digital communication is quickly becoming the norm and will not go away soon. Considering consumer preferences, changes in selling procedures are important to succeed online. Don't put your sales results at risk by not adopting new methods.

At the end of the day, your goal is to make that sale to keep your business operations. What better way to do that than taking timely adjustments and adapting now? Virtual selling is the future and you can start the future today.

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